Breweries We Like

British Columbia has a wealth of microbreweries. From the well known, such as Granville Island Brewing, or the hidden gems, such as Old Yale Brewing. While all these breweries bring different beers that we enjoy, two breweries stick out to us.


Phillips is fantastic for how crazy and weird they are. They experiment with many different types of beer, from ginger beer to many types of IPAs. Not everything they make is a classic, but it is nearly always interesting. In this sense, they are sort of like a homebrewery. They are making the beer they want to drink.

Some of our favorite beers from Phillips:

longboat_chocolate_porter 8307066203_9175138a98_z Amnesiac-Label-e1339537695218

Here’s a link to our review of the Hop Box




If Phillips is the crazy one, Driftwood is the more serious, conservative and perfectionist brewery (it may not be, but this is our perception. And just look at the difference between their labels. Driftwood is stylish, muted and somewhat minimalist; Phillips’ labels are generally just pure crazy). Driftwood doesn’t make as many beers as Phillips, but what they do brew, they brew very well. Their styles aren’t as out there (aside from their regular saison Farmhand Ale, which is amazing), but the styles are nearly perfected.

Some of our favorite beers from Driftwood:


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