Phillips’ Hop Box

IMG_20130118_191407The Hop Box, as the name suggests, is a 12-pack filled with IPAs. The box contains four different IPAs: Hop Circle IPA, Krypton Rye PA, Skookum Cascadian Brown Ale, and so-called “special guest” IPA. We don’t think these are the best IPAs in BC; however, a product that offers so many IPAs at one price should be purchased.

We reviewed the 4 beers: Hop Circle IPA, Krypton Rye PA, Skookum Cascadian Brown Ale, Chinook IPA. We put them all in the same type of glass (because the shape of the glass affects the aroma of the beer). Given the strong flavour of each of these beers, order of drinking the beer is important because the preceding consumed beer can influence the taste of the succeeding beer. With that being said, we didn’t care, and drank the beer in whatever order we pleased.

The only real problem this box has is writing on each of the bottles describing the beer. The ‘pithy’ little blurbs on the bottles tell us perfectly nothing about the beer, aside from the fact that somebody at the brewery hired an Liberal Arts student for a marketing internship. We’ve included all the descriptions of the beers for your own judgement.

(From left to right: Chinook IPA, Hop Circle IPA, Krypton Rye PA, Skookum Cascadian Brown Ale)

Hop Circle IPA

“With a hop flavour that is out of this world, Hop Circle IPA will probe your taste buds and abduct your sense. The gravitational pull of this IPA will have you searching the galaxy for another close encounter of the thirst kind. Resistance is futile”
Dark golden with a quickly receding head. Very clear.
Aroma: The aroma reminded us of opening our bag of Centennial hops, but not quite as strong.
Taste: Opens with a grassy and slightly sweet flavour. It is not an overly bitter beer, and the bitterness does not last very long.
Overall: It is a fine IPA, but there is nothing that is overly noteworthy about it. It is balanced more towards the hoppy side. Unpleasant caramel taste.

Krypton Rye PA

“Better tasting than a speeding bullet, Rye PA will be hard not to drink in a single gulp. Spicy rye malt and big citrus hop flavours make Krypton the perfect IPA for your fortress of solitude. Hop, hop and away!”
Deep golden colour, with little head.
Aroma: Fantastic aroma of sweet hop juiciness. Floral and grapefruit
Taste: A very floral beer with the perfect amount of bitterness. It is like somebody dry hopped this beer with rose pedals. A slight spiciness you would expect from the rye. This beer sets the mood for a romantic evening.
Overall: A gift from the gods; this beer is floral, citursy, spicy and truly device. Our favorite from the Hop Box.

Skookum Cascadian Brown Ale

“Skookum from Chinook, West Coast North America. 1. A monster indigenous to the Cascade region. 2. Strong, reliable and/or hard working. 3. IPA with big, bold, characteristics and smooth, rich maltiness. 4. The unofficial fuel of the Cascadian revolution”
Dark brown, transparent when held up to a light. Very strong, thick head.
Aroma: It is like being at home over Christmas. Smells like hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a slightly spiciness.
Taste: Surprisingly not too rich and thick, yet still being smooth. Well hopped with good hop aroma and flavour (slightly spiciness), yet there is a strong dark chocolate flavour.
Overall: Coming in at second is the Skookum which is chocolatey, spicy and full bodied.

Chinook IPA

“Chinook: the only hop used in this beer. Bittering cariety with aroma characterics, bred by crossing a petham golding with the USDA 63012 Male; a high alpha acid hop with wonderful herbal and grapefruit like character”
Fairly clear, thin head, but it remained
Aroma: Not an overly strong aroma, but notes of pine, herbs and slight grapefruit (Robert actually inhaled some trying to detect more aromatic notes.)
Taste: A somewhat heavy body, fairly smooth with the hop bitterness coming in later. Not an overly fruity IPA, mainly limited to pine and herb flavour. Though citrus flavour does come through much later.
Overall: This is is not an overly complicated beer, but it showcases what Chinook hops smell and taste like. More breweries should make beers like this that educate consumers on the ingredients in the beers.


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