Snowy Mountains and Beer

As a casual observation, beer that is marketed with snowy mountains seems to be almost universally bad.

Packaging-Design-Kokanee-beer-3 44124-CoorsLight-can
beer-keystone  Busch

Perhaps snowy mountains suggest the ideal temperature (freezing cold) for consuming this beer. Or perhaps glacial mountains is part of a marketing scheme that highlights the water used to make the beer is glacier water.

This is horribly unfair to snowy mountains. Snowy mountains are quite nice actually. So to hopefully restore snowy mountains’ reputations, we offer our homebrew, on top of a snowy mountain, with a snowy mountain in the background.

Mountain Beer

Location: Panorama Ridge (the mountain in the background in Black Tusk), Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia

Date: June 15, 2013 (and look at all that snow still)

Beer: Honey Nut Brown Ale (which upon opening, promptly foamed all over the place due to bouncing around in a backpack for 7 hours)


3 thoughts on “Snowy Mountains and Beer

  1. gregschina says:

    It’s true. Another one to add to the ranks would be “Blue Ice”. Readily available as the cheapest beer in Hong Kong 7/11’s!

    • That looks like flat yellow corn water. Or the god awful Snow beer. Atleast you have plenty of Yanjing beer in Beijing, which ain’t half bad.

      On a related note, check out this review of Chinese beers. I’ve never seen any of those black beers in China.

  2. Lance says:

    Maybe you just don’t like lagers? (NB: I don’t mean to endorse any of these beers, except perhaps Kokanee on a visit to the Kootenays)

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